senior show: once removed

here are some shots from my senior show! 


i'm about to leave the house to go hang my first solo show!
if you are in the pittsburgh area, come check out my drawings & collages.

here's a sample of the work:

in other news, i'm busy applying for some residencies & competitions, 
experimenting with medium & size,
& figuring out my (quasi)permanent move to pittsburgh
in june.


here is a more useful way for me to show things i find inspiring

i made a separate blog.

this is going to be my work, that one will be other people's work. what an unnecessary yet alluring spreading out of myself over the internet.


some shots from my studio

i'm getting immersed in work, & have 1000 projects i want to be working on.  here's what's going on in my studio right now.

here are some shots of my storage closet:

this is the first in a series of 
collages tentatively titled "how to go home":

my desk. messy, already.

my newest project. i'm creating a cross-stitch microjournal for a month.
(as yet untitled): 


things i'm interested in making art with & about

found objects, old things, memory, gender, text, fabric, old handcrafts, collections, recordings, line drawings, ooks, naturally flawed photographs, multi-sensory art, hands, touch, love, nostalgia, 16mm & 8mm film, bones, hair, teeth, feathers, fur, life cycles, simplicity, brown, black, white, tan, paper, mail art, distance, personal cartography, food, embroidery, plants, furniture, picture frames, analog, collage, deer, arrows, birds, wax, wood, linoleum cuts, jars, traveling, "america," printmaking, letter-press, art zines, slide projection, home.